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'Our guest is equivalent to God'
Let's serve you in the best way
and make your holiday a special one!

What is so unique about us?

Atithi Devo Bhavah is a Sanskrit verse which simply means – consider the guest as god. This value-laden statement is drawn from the ancient Indian culture. In the same pitch thats how this venture was born. The goal is to give the best service and make you feel happy.

What we do?

Explore Tellicherry offers range of ACCOMODATIONS at various types of facilities we have partnered, organising and coordinating events like
around the town to get a glimpse of the life and culture of the locality.

Our goal?

We would like to redefine the way the services are provided. Our goal is to find the best services and experience it and offer it to the travel world. We promote and suggest only the best. We have personally gone through each facilities and taken feedbacks from our various customers about each and every facilities before we promote on behalf of ET. We work as bridge between travelling fraternity and the providers. Apart from these we have tailor made trips around the town. If you look for other part of Kerala, we have associated with may such partners.

We look forward for your visit and serving you in the best way!


Explore the exotic places to stay and experience the fabulous beaches and resorts along with the attractions that makes this place unique!

Historical Landmarks

Tellicherry has some great shadows still left on the ground from its past colonial rules. This tiny town was once the integral part in the British administration of the north Kerala under Madras Presidency.

The Fort stands tall in the heart of the town with many adjacent landmarks to highlights it watermarks of it past. It has one beautiful and small Anglican church called St Johns church. This very same place the cricket was played much before it came popular in India.
Herman Gundert / Brennen College / Tellicherry Fort / St Johns Anglican Church / Overburry's Folly

Exotic Accomodations

Tellicherry has some exotic places to stay. Starting from Sea facing colonial era bunglaows to magical home stays and resorts.

We have partnered with the best among the resorts and homestay facilities in the region. Where we assure the bet service quality and hospitality. What we say is what you get. Based on your choice of accomodation, we can send you the best list. Kindly drop your list of requirements from the below link.
Home Stay / Beach front Resorts / Bunglaows / Hotels

Pristine Beaches

This small costal town has many popular beaches. The uniquness of the land makes these beaches very safe and exotic. We have one of longest driving beaches in Kerala. Muzhappilangad Beach is the most popular among these. We have a lagoon called Dharmadam Island and it is worth exploring in the low tides.

You can explore the rendezvous of the rivers and sea at many places. If you enjoy fish and you will have a big time and you can even get the live fish from the many fishing boats that thrive in these areas. .
Thalassery Beach / Muzhapillanagad Drive in / Dharmadam Beach

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Engage yourself to rejuvenate your mind and body also experience the magic of holistic skills from north malabar coast line!

Yoga - Meditation Workshops

Yoga has been captivating many souls around the globe with its magical formula to bring peace, health and harmony in ones life. We are so fortunate to have a Yoga Guru, we lovingly calls "Aathmaram" who takes you to a different world, where your mind and body will enjoy the rhythm of purity and sanctity.

There are tailor made sessions conducted at your comfort and conveneice.

Kalari - Martial Arts Shows

Kalari is considered the root of all martial arts. It has different versions and Kerala enjoys a special role in it's nurturring. The young kids are often seen in the Kalari in the olden days. It is gaining popularity once agin and appearing in the main stream. Many other martial arts from Asia are said to ave been influenced by Kalari.

We arrange special morning shows for you at the prestigious Kalari center here

Ayurveda - Alternate Theraphies

Ayurveda belives in holistic approach to any of your ailments and it belives in curing it. Many tried and'failed cases are cured by Ayurveda. The beautiful aspect of Ayurveda is that it is a natural way of medication. . There are many types of rejuvenation treatments available with our certified partners.

We conduct Ayurveda rejuvenation sessions based on your requirements.

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Enjoy the place and its aura and aroma and also expeirence the art, crafts and culture through our tailormade trips!

Malabar Cusine

Cusine in Tellicherry has a very special unique place among the dishes of Kerala. It is almost like a brand in Kerala. Tellicherry has many infulence from different regions. Some of the best Biriyani delicacies are from Tellicherry. There are many traditional food joints here that will make you feel great. Even if you are a vegan we have some organic delicacies too.!

Festival and Performances

The season of Theyyam starts from December and ends by April. The unique devine performance take place at Kavu or temples and the performer turns in to a devine soul. People gather around to get the blessing. The costume and decoration and facial painting are very exquisite. If you are lucky you will be fortunate to see a performance.

Elanji - The Boutique

Elanji is a in house botique with some interesting hand crafted items. From natural seed jwellery to cloth bags are few among the unique and genuine products. Elanji also has some spice collection as well. It also serves light snack and juice for the visitors. I hope you will enjoy this special hospitality at Elanji.

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Encouragements always push us further to do better! We are extremely happy to share few good words about our services!

Bernedette Mercier

France, Visited in 2016.

We are from France and coming to India very often. Each time enjoy our trip alot. Our special thanks to Biju! A very good explorer!


Austria, Visited August 2017.

Biju is a great guy and knows how to take care of the visitors. His organizing skills are very professional. We visited a lot of interesting places and enjoyed the elephant visits as well as the temple festival. Really a great trip with Explore Tellicherry.

Kunal Roy

Kolkotta, Visited July 2017.

Biju's guided tour of Thalassery( Tellicherry) was thouroughly delightful. I could explore Tellicherry's hidden secrets like Ayisha Manzil and other private residences. These could have been impossible if I was not using the services of Biju's own venture called Explore Tellicherry. I would recommend any one who likes to explore Tellicherry to keep in touch with him for the best service.

Your Host!

Biju is a passionate tour organizer who make your holidays very special by providing individual attention to each of your requirements . Explore Tellicherry always promote and project those services providers with quality.

He has been in the industry since 2007 and handled more than 500 customers.He has a wide span of services that can collaborate with your plan. At the end you will experience an entirely new way of enjoying your holidays. If you plan to visit Tellicherry I would suggest you to be in touch with through the link below or through the following email.

Email: exploretellicherry@gmail.com

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